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Lentil green - volume is 400
In stock | Only wholesale
Wholesale: 20 UAH from 100 kg.
Grade: Canadian Eston Year of harvest: 2017 Size: 3-4mm Country of origin of seeds: Canada Grown on the Gelios-1 fields in the Kherson region. Ready for export with all the necessary certificates. Can send a sample. Price : Negotiable Our lentils meet the most stringent international...
Group: Lentil
In stock | Only wholesale
Wholesale: 3.50 UAH from 1 t.
Grade: Banquo There are volumes. Onions excellent - clean, poured:) Call on the account of the price and conditions of deliveries - we will agree! 095 287 1267    
Group: Bulb onion
Mustard White (Sinapis Alba) - from the producer!
In stock | Only wholesale
Wholesale: 25000 UAH from 20 t.
White mustard of own production harvest of 2017 Large volume! We can send a sample. All the necessary documentation for export is provided. Price is negotiable. Purity — 98% Humidity — 8-10% Contamination excluded. Country of Origin: Ukraine In bulk. We offer packing: polypropylene bags...
Group: Mustard seeds
Red Lentils - 200 MT
In stock | Only wholesale
Wholesale: 18 UAH from 100 kg.
Harvest of 2017 Grade: Canadian Red Country producer of seeds: Canada Price: negotiable Red lentil is grown on Gelios-1 fields in the Kherson Region, Ukraine. Ready for export with all the necessary certificates provided. Can send a sample.  
Group: Lentil
White Mustard Seeds (Sinapis Alba) - Large Volume
In stock | Only wholesale
Wholesale: 25000 UAH from 20 t.
White mustard seeds of own production - harvest of 2017 Price is negotiable. We can send a sample. Contact All the necessary documentation is provided for export. Purity — 98 % Humidity — 7-9% Contamination excluded. Country of origin: Ukraine In bulk. We offer...
Group: Mustard seeds
Preseeding Cultivator - second-hand Evropak Franquet
In stock
500000 UAH
We, the agricultural producer, sell two (2) preseeding cultivators - NOT KILLED - in good shape, after the CAP. repair. Used them and time to buy more powerful equipment came. We tell it like it is. Come you look/call. 0503961172 contractual price.  Producer - Franquant, France.
Group: Cultivators
Soya - GMO
In stock | Only wholesale
Wholesale: 450 USD from 1 t.
soybean GMO Humidity - 12% Quarrel - 2% Olives impurity - 8% The mass of the protein in the dry substance - min. 35%
Group: Soya
Pumpkin Baternat
Not available | Only wholesale
Wholesale: 10 UAH from 1 t.
Fresh Pumpkin of a grade Baternat Cleaning of production at the end of summer of 2017   Pumpkin Baternat Grade Baternat About 20 cm – 25 cm are long Weight 1.5kg – 3 kg Pear-shaped, dense fruit with fleshy pulp Without damages. It is suitable for storage  
Group: Pumpkin
Feed wheat
Not available | Only wholesale
Wholesale: 1000 UAH from 1 t.
Wheat Third class fodder Full compliance with GOST Infestation with pests is not permitted Large volume.  
Group: Wheat
Radish Pink
Not available | Only wholesale
Wholesale: 10 UAH from 1 t.
radish Pink Grade Red Meat "Red Meat" Diameter up to 10cm Round, dense fruit Pink inner and outer color Without damage. Suitable for storage
Group: Radish black
Not available | Only wholesale
Wholesale: 10 UAH from 1000 pcs
selected egg (two yolks) egg the 1st category (yellow the first category, with a saturated yolk and with an average weight of 60 grams.) egg 2nd category small egg
Group: Eggs
Daikon radish Japanese
Not available | Only wholesale
Wholesale: 10 UAH from 1 t.
Japanese radish Daikon Variety T-150 Diameter 8cm - 10cm Length up to 10cm - 15cm White, smooth, oblong fruit Suitable for storage
Group: Radish black
About enterprise


  Agro company “Gelios-1” is inarguably the largest agricultural producer in the region with extremely favorable weather conditions, Southern Ukraine. We have over 5000 hectares of fertile land with 75% of it under irrigation. Every year we cultivate various cash crops such as soy beans, rapeseeds, wheat and sunflower seeds, as well as vegetables – onions, cabbage of many varieties, radish and butternut squash.  In addition, we produce and export niche crops such as white mustard seeds, green and red small lentils.

Why Us:

 Tried-and-tested partner – 18 years of experience of production, processing and selling

   Partnership and friendship form the basis of our relationship with clients – honesty, transparency and trust are key - if you win, we win

   Quality and process control from seeds to packaging and documentation



Ukraine,  Kherson region,  Kakhovka,  74800,  Ujnaya 1V


Horstka Yuriy

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