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About enterprise Gelios-1

  Agro company “Gelios-1” is inarguably the largest agricultural producer in the region with extremely favorable weather conditions, Southern Ukraine. We have over 5000 hectares of fertile land with 75% of it under irrigation. Every year we cultivate various cash crops such as soy beans, rapeseeds, wheat and sunflower seeds, as well as vegetables – onions, cabbage of many varieties, radish and butternut squash.  In addition, we produce and export niche crops such as white mustard seeds, green and red small lentils.

Why Us:

 Tried-and-tested partner – 18 years of experience of production, processing and selling

   Partnership and friendship form the basis of our relationship with clients – honesty, transparency and trust are key - if you win, we win

   Quality and process control from seeds to packaging and documentation


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